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What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Plumbing?

Commercial and residential plumbers will deal with similar issues that include leaks, damaged pipes, and toilets. However, their environments and specific responsibilities are different. The following are the main differences between residential and commercial plumbing:

Size of the Building

One of the main reasons commercial plumbing is more complicated than residential is that it is carried out in a larger space. Since they have more occupants and visitors, larger buildings require more sinks, pipes, toilets, and outlets, resulting in a more complex system. And the more extensive use of water in a commercial building often results in a higher number of emergencies and more maintenance.

The larger commercial buildings are, mean it will be more difficult for plumbers to identify and repair plumbing issues and perform maintenance jobs. Therefore, commercial plumbing requires more knowledge, expertise, and equipment than residential plumbing.


Clearing a blocked drain in a residential home is straightforward, as plumbers will use a drain snake to break the blockages in sewer lines, shower drains, toilets, and kitchen sinks with very little effort. Even if they do come across bigger problems like damaged lines or root intrusions, the process is still relatively straightforward.

Snaking drain lines, however, in a commercial building can be more challenging, especially in a high-rise. In some cases, plumbers will need to clear all clogs from the affected drain to the end of the line. Meaning they will need to go to every floor below to check for blockages and unclog the drain line when deemed necessary. If they miss a clog, it can result in flooding and other problems.

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