Why Chemical Drain Cleaning Is Bad for Your Plumbing

The Drawbacks of Chemical Cleanings for Plumbing

A hard clog may be easily and quickly resolved with chemical drain cleaning. But is this the best way to unclog the pipes in your laundry, kitchen, or bathroom?

A skilled plumber would never be caught using one of these items in their home since they can cause more harm than good. Look at advice from a licensed plumber on handling plumbing clogs rather than grabbing one of these toxic items.

How Drain Cleaners Cause Plumbing Damage

Chemical drain cleaners injure not only the human body but also your pipes. Drain cleaners need to be more intelligent; they can’t distinguish between the pipes’ obstructions and the plumbing system’s dirt. As a result, they consume everything.

The plumbing damage is greater if the cleaner cannot unclog your clogged drain. The caustic chemicals would then remain in your pipes. They have more chance of causing trouble the longer they sit. Drain cleaners can harm pipes constructed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and older pipes more easily, although hazardous chemicals can harm any plumbing system.

Better Ways to Manage Plumbing Clogs

For very small plumbing blockages, chemical drain cleaning may be effective, but it could be more effective for most clogged drains. Also, remember that your clogged drains might not result from a blockage. Chemicals will only work to solve the problem if yours is brought on by a damaged pipe or a sewer line issue.

So what should you do to unclog a plumbing system?

Initially, try using a plunger. After that, you can attempt a sewage snake, sometimes known as an auger, available at any plumbing retailer. Another option is to rent one of these “pipe snakes” from a hardware store or big-box home improvement retailer in your neighborhood.

Straightforward home remedies may clear some clogs. A half-cup of baking soda and white vinegar can be poured down the drain. Block the sink, let it sit for at least 30 minutes, and then run hot water over it.

Stop your DIY projects and call your plumber if that doesn’t work. You can stop worrying about potential plumbing issues by letting a professional handle your clogged drain.

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