Call a Professional Plumber to Deal With Your Garbage Disposal Leak

How to Deal with a Garbage Disposal Leak

You may have a garbage disposal leak if you find wetness under your kitchen sink or a pool of sour-smelling water nearby. If left unattended, a garbage disposal leak can result in significant water damage and mildew, in addition to being a great annoyance. Although some resourceful homeowners can tackle the issue independently, it is best to contact a qualified plumber to handle the situation.

Locate the Source of the Leak

Finding the precise location of the leak is the first step in garbage disposal repair.

To avoid electrical shock, unplug the device and shut off the power at the breaker. Then take these actions:

  • Remove everything under the sink
  • Wipe the disposal completely dry
  • Plug the sink drain with a watertight stopper
  • Fill the sink with a few cups of water
  • Mix in a few drops of food coloring
  • Remove the sink stopper and use a flashlight to find the leak

If the source of the leaking isn’t readily apparent, call a licensed plumbing contractor to identify the location of your garbage disposal leak.

If the Leak Is at the Dishwasher Connection

The repair is typically relatively easy when there is leaking around where the dishwasher’s disposal joins. Examine the hose. You will require a replacement if it is dried out or damaged. If you attempt this repair, ensure the connection is well-fastened by carefully tightening the clamp. Otherwise, you can experience a significant water leak and related damage.

If the Leak Is at the Top of the Garbage Disposal

The sink flange may be loose, causing a leak at the interface between the disposal, drain, and sink. Verify the tightness of the mounting nuts holding the flange to the drain. Examine the expert’s putty that was utilized to make the seal. You will need to remove the disposal, apply fresh putty, and reinstall the appliance if it has.

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