Clogged Sewer Lines That May Require Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Common Sources of Sewer Line Clogs

Your sewer line must securely convey wastewater from your house to a disposal facility. The sewer line endures considerable wear and tear due to being connected to every plumbing device in your home. In the line, blockages frequently develop over time. Your sewage line may need professional repair or replacement due to obstructions. Trust your local plumber for assistance if you need help with your sewage line or think you might need drain cleaning services. Several issues arise when your sewer line is plugged in. A little information and effort can help you avoid some of the most frequent causes of sewage line blockages, but not all of them.

Here are the typical causes of clogged sewer lines to assist you in maintaining your sewer line in excellent condition:

Pipe Damage

One of the main reasons for sewer line clogs is pipe damage. Pipes may burst due to leakage, corrosion, or shifting earth. Broken pipes allow leaves, dirt, and rocks to enter the system, clogging the pipes.

Tree Root Encroachment

Naturally, tree roots gravitate toward water sources. Tree roots will enter your sewage system through even the smallest of cracks. Once inside, the roots will spread out, resulting in a blockage.

A Sagging Sewer Line

Poor installation or shifting ground are two reasons a sewer line could sag. Waste, toilet paper, and other materials will collect in the low areas of a sewer line as it sags. This could lead to a buildup of wastewater and, finally, a clog.

Flushing the Random Things Down the Toilet

We have sinned flushing stuff down the toilet that we shouldn’t have. However, did you know that some items you flush have the potential to harm your sewage line seriously? For instance, floss, feminine hygiene items, cotton balls, paper towels, and baby wipes do not decompose like toilet paper. They may consequently result in blockages. Only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet for safety.

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