Commercial Plumbing and What Sets It Apart

Is There a Difference Between Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Many people think that all plumbing is the same, however, there are differences that will be covered in this post. Commercial plumbing issues are as significant as the issues found in residential houses, as both require the knowledge, expertise, and experience of a qualified plumber.

Plumbing services are generally divided into two types, which are residential and commercial. The plumbing problems associated with residential and commercial plumbing are often quite similar, such as leaky toilets, and broken pipes. However, a residential plumber is someone that goes from home to home each day and focuses on single-family residences. They can fix clogged drains, install water-saving toilets or repair broken pipes. They are experts in residential plumbing, simply because they deal with the same issues every day throughout the year.

However, a commercial plumber, on the other hand, will see different problems every day. For example, they could deal with a flooded bathroom in a multistory office building. Install the plumbing system in a new apartment complex, so understanding city codes is critical. Commercial plumbing is used more often by dozens or even thousands of users, it also has higher water pressures, will require multiple permits and installation processes that do not matter in the average residential household, will in commercial settings.

Commercial versus Residential

The daily usage of the plumbing systems is much higher when it comes to commercial plumbing. In a commercial building, the plumbing systems are used more often, which requires more pipes and outlets than in a residential house. Also, businesses have to provide toilets and sinks for their clients and employees, while residential systems do not have to support such a demand. Meaning, the size, durability, and grading of commercial pipework and fixtures are different than residential ones.

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