Commercial Plumbing Is It the Same as Residential?

Difference Between Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Plumbing services are generally divided into 2 kinds of plumbing, which are residential and commercial plumbing. The plumbing problems that are related between the two are very similar, ranging from leaking toilets, and broken or burst pipes. However, picture a residential plumber that visits multiple homes in one day. They will focus on a single-family residence and are often called out to fix a clogged drain or leaky pipe. They will know how to install an energy-saving toilet in a bathroom or how to repair a broken pipe. Now try to picture the same plumber dealing with multiple systems in just one premise, it is almost impossible, as they deal with the same problems every day, only on a much smaller scale.

Commercial versus Residential Daily Usage of the Pipes and Fixtures

The daily usage of plumbing systems is greater when it comes to commercial properties. In commercial buildings, the plumbing systems are used more often, which requires a lot more pipes and outlets than their residential counterparts. Businesses must provide toilets and sinks for their clients and employees, whereas residential systems don’t have to cater to such high demand.

Potential for Damages

The potential for damages also increases exponentially when one deals with complicated plumbing in a commercial facility. When there is a problem in one part of a house, there is a limited amount of damage that is done. For example, a broken pipe in a residential home is a problem, however, if you take this and then multiple it by 20 floors, the level of disaster will increase dramatically.

Health Issues

Businesses are also obliged by law to keep their plumbing clean because of their employees and customers that come in. This is especially true for restaurants and other businesses dealing with food. They must adhere to strict health care codes, to ensure the high hygiene of their plumbing.

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