Drain Cleaning 2021 Prices

How Much Does It Cost to Unclog or Snake a Drain?  

The average plumber cost when it comes to drain cleaning ranges from $100 to $275. The average cost to snake a mainline is $150 to $500. Rooter prices start from $225 to $500 on average to snake a drain, and snake rental prices start from $30 to $80 a day.

Plumber Prices To Unclog Drain

Plumbers charge anywhere from $75 to $550 to unclog a drain, depending on their hourly rates, accessibility, severity, and what has caused the blockage. Most plumbers do offer flat rates on basic cleaning while unclogging severe drains starts from $45 to $150 an hour plus parts.

Drain Rodding Cost Factors

  • Labor – Plumbing estimates as mentioned above do vary depending on the size of the job size, distance to job, region, and season.

  • Trip Charge – Some plumbers’ do offer free estimates, while others charge from a $50 to $200 call-out fee, which will often cover their first hour of work.

  • Accessibility – Mainline clogs are more difficult to get access to than tub or sink basin blockages. Some jobs will need access to multiple connection points or even to temporarily remove the toilet.

  • Severity – Most blockages will take on average five minutes to snake, whereas multiple clogged pipes or a severely blocked mainline can take hours to unblock and could require a video camera inspection.

  • Blockage Cause – The likes of dirt, hair, food waste, and soap scum are the easiest to unblock than the likes of tree roots, broken pipes, or grease.

  • Unforeseen Damage – Plumbers will often be called in to replace plumbing pipes, toilet parts, and garbage disposals.

Rooter Costs

Rooter services cost from $225 to $500 on average, and this is to snake pipes and clean drains. A sewer camera inspection price ranges from $295 to $350, and hydro jetting costs from $500 to $900 on average, to clean the main sewer drain.

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