Hire a Plumbing Contractor to Help You Locate Leaking Pipes

Common Causes for Water Damage in Residential Properties

Do you have mold, decaying walls, or moisture problems in your home? Have you noticed obvious water damage but are having trouble identifying the source of the leak? Floods and visible water main bursts are not the only sources of water damage.

Before the leak becomes worse, it’s critical to take action if you’ve detected moisture, stains, or telltale bubbling of paint on your ceiling. Get in touch with a plumbing contractor to assist you in locating leaky pipes that are concealed behind walls or beneath floors, so you can fix them quickly.

Read on to learn about modern homes’ most common causes of water damage.

Concealed Leaking Pipes

Locating a busted pipe or water leak under the sink is rather simple. Not all leaks, though, are so visible. Sometimes the leak is little and can be found in pipes flowing beneath the floor or behind a wall. The only signs of smaller leaks may be trickling sounds or a modest loss in water pressure, which can go unnoticed for some time. However, they can still cause great harm before they are noticed.

Leaking or Overflowing Appliances

Appliances that need to be fitted properly may overflow, or their plumbing connections to your existing water and waste systems may leak. If your dishwasher develops a little leak in a fitted kitchen, you could smell musty odors from the wet, but you might not detect other telltale indicators of the leak until it has already caused quite a bit of damage.

Clogged Guttering

Rainwater is collected by gutters and sent to downspouts, where it is sent away from your property. Your gutters may overflow if clogged, eventually causing water to collect by the side of your home. Over time, this water may seep into the foundations, causing cracking, mold development, and other harm.

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