Hire a Water Heater Repair Service

Keeping Your Water Warm This Winter

Water heaters are designed to give you hot water whenever you need it. That’s why promptly repairing problems like leaking heaters is extremely important. That’s why you must first determine what the underlying problem is before you hire a water heater repair service. Common water heater issues include:


A leaky door is a common issue that plumbers deal with regularly. This is probably due to the fact that the door’s gasket and seal are often defective. Often, the problem is the seal between the door and the shell of the heater, but it could also be the seal around the dials and control. To fix this problem, you must have the seal replaced or the door re-seasoned for wear and tear.


Another common problem is a boiler that has failed or is about to fail. This happens when there is a leak in the heating element, the heating element is burnt out, the vent is clogged, or the cooling system has a leak. You can assist in preventing this from happening by regularly checking on your water heater and making sure it is kept clean.

No Ignition

If you turn your heater on but it doesn’t come on, this could be due to a gas leak or a gas leak in the burner. A faulty thermostat is also a common problem. DIY repairs that include replacing burners, thermostats, starters, and more are recommended. Before you do this, however, make sure the heater is unplugged.


An overworked heater could be due to a blockage in the heating element or a worn-out thermostat. This is why it’s essential that you regularly check your heater and have it maintained to ensure it is always in good working order.

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