Is Your Water Heater on the Fritz? These Signs Will Tell You

Signs You Should Call Water Heater Repair Experts

Many people wait for their water heater to stop working before they call a professional plumber. But, while hiring a plumbing expert is important in this scenario, remember that you don’t have to wait for your water heater to break down! As soon as you notice that something’s wrong, you should call a water heater repair specialist right away. You’ll know that it’s time to get expert assistance if these signs are present:

Not enough hot warm water

Unless you incorrectly sized your water heater and it’s too small for your home, it should be able to provide you with enough hot water. If you find yourself constantly blasted with ice-cold water in the middle of your shower (and if you’ve never had this problem before), book an appointment with your plumber ASAP.

Dirty and smelly water

High water pressure can turn your water hazy, but it should clear up right away once the water pressure evens out. However, if your bathwater is brownish or reddish, or if there are rust particles or any other type of contaminants floating in it, you need to call your plumber as soon as possible. Your water heater might need cleaning to remove the mineral buildup inside it, or it might have become too rusty and need to be replaced.

Loud, weird noises

Most water heaters are designed to operate with a low, quiet hum. Hearing this hum is normal but, if it morphs into a loud cracking, popping, or bopping noise, it’s time to have your heater inspected by a pro. More likely than not, it has a hardware problem that has to be fixed right away.

If you notice these signs, you’ll want to call a reliable plumber ASAP. Here in College Park, MD, one of the best plumbers that you can trust in Joseph Plumbing & Drain Cleaning LLC. Contact me now at (240) 262-5277 and take advantage of my world-class water heater repair services!

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