Plumber Friendly Equipment and Supplies

Plumbing Project-Related Tools and Supplies

While professional plumbers travel around with a lot of specialized equipment on their trucks, homeowners can take care of more of their own needs with just a few plumbing tools. This is because most typical plumbing repairs for homes rely more on knowledge (and replacement parts) than on sophisticated equipment and unique skills. Yet, some specialized tools are essential for performing routine plumbing tasks. The most popular plumbing fixes are those for clogged drains, which are the most typical issues of all.

Flange Plunger

A plunger with a unique shape is called a flange plunger, ball plunger, or toilet plunger and is used to unclog toilets. Although it has a flange—an extended rubber flap under the dome of the plunger head—it performs similarly to a regular plunger and helps seal the toilet bowl’s bottom entrance. When the bottom entrance is sealed, the plunger can successfully produce the hydraulic pressure needed to clear the majority of toilet clogs.


Plumber‘s tape is a crucial component in stopping leaks at threaded plumbing connections. The tape, which is frequently referred to as Teflon tape, is a thin white tape that you wrap over threads on pipes and fittings before twisting the components together. It adds a little lubricant to facilitate threading and also aids in sealing the joint to stop leaks.

Toilet or Closet Auger

To unclog toilets, utilize the toilet auger, also known as a closet auger or water closet auger. While the tools are made for completely different uses, you shouldn’t use a sink auger for toilets or a toilet auger for ordinary drains. A long metal rod with a curve serves as the toilet auger’s reach into the toilet bowl’s bottom hole. To prevent scratches on the toilet’s porcelain, a rubber sleeve is placed over the curve. The auger cable is snagged into or through the blockage by pushing and rotating it once the equipment is in position.

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