Plumber Tips for DIY Weekend Warriors

Plumbing Tricks of the Trade for Weekend Plumbers  

More than any other home improvement job, plumbing has been known to drive a DIY enthusiast insane. As problems start to arise, projects will begin to grow, increasing frustrations tenfold. Even a professional plumber is not immune. However, there is a good way to manage this, which is to allow plenty of time, at least twice as much as you originally thought.

Reheat Solder When You Are Unable To Cut a Pipe

The easiest way to disconnect a soldered pipe will be to cut it. However, there will be instances when this is not an option, either because you are unable to fit a cutting tool into space or because cutting would leave the pipe too short. The best solution will be to heat the joint and pull off the fitting as the solder starts to melt.

Replacing Metal Drain Lines with Plastic

Metal drain lines beneath sinks look more reliable than plastic. However, plastic is the better option. It is more cost-effective, easier to install, adjust or tighten if a leak starts. And unlike metal, plastic does not corrode. So when a metal drain starts to leak, the smart move will be to replace the entire assembly with a plastic one.

Loosen Stuck Pipes with Heat

When a threaded connection refuses to budge, heat will often do the trick, especially on ancient connections that were sealed with dope that has hardened with time. But this will take time so be patient.

Piggyback Stubborn Shutoffs

Shutoff valves beneath sinks and toilets have a dreadful reliability record. Often they won’t close completely; or at all. When dealing with either case, there is an alternative to replacing the shutoff. Most home centers sell what are known as “piggyback” shutoff valves, these connect to the pre-existing shutoffs.

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