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Essential Tools Every DIY Plumber Should Have

There are numerous items that most households must have in order to maintain their pipes and plumbing without having to hire a professional plumber to do the easy work. Not only will having the right tools reduce the price of hiring an expert, but it will also give homeowners peace of mind when it comes to maintaining their pipes.

Toilet Auger

This is one of the most commonly used items when it comes to pipes. It allows people to remove clogs, or retrieve obstructions that are causing a blockage. The auger is connected to a shaft that will be pushed down the toilet. A crank handle is at the end, which will allow people to grab obstructions instead of breaking them up. The reach of the average toilet auger is approximately 3 feet.

Flange Plunger

This is another common household item. It is available in different sizes and shapes. It is most typically used to clear clogs in a toilet. It works by creating a vacuum, which provides a great amount of water force. This one differs from a cup-shaped plunger because it is shaped to seal off the toilet hole.

Plumbing Snake or Sink Auger

Sometimes a plunger is insufficient to clear a clog. When this fails, a plumber‘s snake or sink auger is the next tool to try. These are typically used for sink waste. The cable is placed down into the hole until it hits the clog. It is then pulled back and the attached crank is turned. If this doesn’t clear the blockage then simply repeat the process.

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