Thinking of Installing Your Own Water Heater?

Water Heater Installation Tips from a Water Heater Repair Expert

If this is your first time to our site, welcome to the post of Joseph Plumbing & Drain Cleaning LLC. Today our post will be about water heater installation tips that you can try yourself at home to avoid water heater repair work down the road.

Installing a water heater is quite a challenging task, but, believe it or not, does not require that many tools. Water heaters can be run using either gas or electricity, but when the time comes to install or replace water heaters, it is important that you first consider the service that is available in the home, and which one makes the most sense to your wallet. Other factors you need to consider before buying a water heater is if a large capacity one is needed for appliances such as dishwashers, washers, and bathtubs, or whether your home electrical system is up to handling the extra wattage of a larger water heater.

Electric water heater installation will take from 2 hours to 45 minutes to do, depending on the installer’s skill level. The first step before starting this is to switch off the electricity. Once your old water heater has been removed, put the new one in its place. A level will be needed to make sure it is completely level. And should it need leveling, try using a few shims.

Then, end the cold water supply pipe by sweat soldering the shutoff valve. This can be achieved with a propane torch. A block of wood will often prove useful to support the shutoff valve while this is being done. It is important that the valve is left in the open position when soldering is done.

Then, wrap the cold and hot water heater heat trap fittings with some Teflon tape or coat the threads with some pipe compound. Once this has been done, you can now attach the fitting to the cold and hot water inlets. Once done, they need to be tightened with a wrench.

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