What Type of Pipe Is Found in Commercial Plumbing?

What Type of Plumbing Is Used in Commercial Buildings?  

Different types of plumbing can be used in commercial buildings, and are often designed to suit specific needs. In order to choose the right commercial plumbing materials, it is recommended that you work with a professional commercial plumber. In this post, you will discover a few of the most common plumbing materials that are used in commercial buildings.

Types of plumbing

The following are some of the different types of plumbing materials that are frequently used in commercial buildings:

Stainless steel

The high price tag of this type of material is the main reason why most ignore it when it comes to commercial plumbing repairs or replacements. Stainless steel is recommended for places where corrosion is a major issue, and strength is vital for building owners.


This option is considered one of the most expensive options available today. However, they are extremely durable and can withstand corrosion better than other metal options. Copper can be used on either hot or cold water pipes, as they can handle extreme pressure. Which makes them the preferred choice for refrigerant lines and underground delivery pipe systems.


This material is highly resistant to the likes of rust and corrosion and is considered the most durable option for commercial plumbing applications, as they have a long lifespan. Brass will also thread better than stainless steel and is often used for the safe delivery of both hot and cold water.


This is often used in the primary sewer lines in commercial buildings, in addition to distributing water. They are made to withstand high pressure and can provide large quantities of water. These pipes are extremely resistant to fire and will suppress the noise for waste disposal in the likes of condominium complexes and apartment buildings.

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